Happy Birthday, Yuuki! Yup, it's 7/11 again! How time flies. I remember posting the original Yuuki character designs this time last year and being new to Australia. Now, I say things like "arvo" and "brekkie", and now that I've touched a kangaroo, I think I deserve citizenship. XD

This sketch was for the SMASH Travelling Artbook, which I am honored I was able to contribute to. When I opened the book, and there was an illustration of Superman by George Pérez, I was moved because I have an illustration in a book with a man as awesome as him. And then the pages kept turning, and the art, oh my god, the art. So good!

Thank you so much to Samantha for letting me sketch in the artbook and for scanning the pic (and for having me over today! ^_^ ). I'm so happy that I was able to be in the book! ^_^

World turns.