Hey hey, everyone! Con season is in full swing! I hear people had fun at Otakon, and I'm here in Brisbane getting ready for a new convention, ZICS. Speaking of conventions, here's the big commission I did for Sarge of the Yuukied cast to show off at Otakon to the players. Yuukied was an RP based on Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. In it, men were changed into valkyries much like Yuuki and fought their own epic battles against King. It was very fun to read back on Ye Olde Montrose Forums (RIP, sniff... Though the spirit lives on in Montrosechat, so head on over!). Thanks for commissioning me and for the help, Sarge! ^_^

Here's some life drawings I did recently. I bit rusty, but I think I'll improve if I keep going to sessions. I need to work on backgrounds especially. ^_^;; Speaking of backgrounds, comics too. XD I will, I will...

Welp, back to work. Hopefully there'll be no distractions today! (She said hopefully... ^_^;; )

Did I care? Did I whisper? I had no time for this.