Yay! Another Sketchfiend down! Thank you so much to everyone who came out, and thank you so much to the winning commissioners. Check out the video above for the in-progress stills and the awesome music!

First winner of the night was BenComicGraphics, who continues his Loki and Yuuki body swap story with this idea. He actually gave me two ideas to choose from, the other being Loki still in Yuuki's body in front of a mirror, but I took this one, the tattoo one, and combined them in the end. XD

Next up is Enochi's sketch of Raver Hinata. She ended up being so cute! But then again, Hinata is very cute to begin with.

I love this sketch idea of Minstrel's: Shebi and Otsana being all catty behind the scenes of SGVY. I don't know why, but the pizza makes the scene for me. XD

ESRDM wanted a continuation from the Time Travel Tourist comic. It seems our happy couple is now a happy family in Ancient Egypt now! ^_^

Oh my! NSFW! This is ThatOneRoadie's sketch of Yuuki and Loki being turned into merpeople (is that the term?). I'm not describing it. You've got to click it. XD

Finally, winner of the Bonus Sketch two times in a row, NEZUMI! This is another RP character of Nezumi's, the 10th Grade Mad Scientist. Yes, that is a mushroom cloud. I had a little fun with the minions too. ^_^

And finally we have the sketch I did before the show, Wolverine and Gonzo. My cousin wanted something with Wolverine or The Muppets, so I did both!

OK, I got some porn to ink. It'll be up this week. Finally, we're getting to the good part!

Like magic.