Hey hey! I've got an Animal Crossing New Leaf post today. So a couple weeks ago I was browsing through ACNL towns, and I saw the Nick Cage Room, which is scary as hell. Though it gave me a good idea: make a Red Hat Room and don't make it scary as hell! Trevor thought I was kidding, but I do not kid. I create!

So let's check out my shrine to the Linux distro that features Shadowman! Into the void as Trevor calls it! XD I'm not sure why it's brown...

Here it is! The Red Hat Room! And it's scary as hell! XD But hey, the colors of Red Hat are red and black, so it's going to be a challenge. ^_^;; The Exotic Series was the only series I could think of to use, and I think it actually works out well. It also plays into the whole Red Hat Asia Pacific thing! :D Some of the items in the room are significant, but some are there because they're red or they give me a Feng Shui bonus. Hey, I needs my luck! XD

Check out my laptop and tablet! I used the Digital Photo Frame as a drawing tablet. Works pretty well, don't you think? There's a dreamcatcher over the bed that doesn't show up in the pic to represent the Dream of the Year of the Linux Desktop. Keep reaching for the stars, guys! :D

The mannequin is dressed like Trevor in the stylish Red Hat T-shirt I designed. This was Alberto's idea. XD I'm wearing the long sleeve version in this pic. You can get these designs if you visit the town!

Trevor gave me the idea to put the coffee maker and coffee cup in the room to represent Java. There was going to be coffee in the room anyway because programming and caffeine go together hand in hand. Maybe I should put a drink fridge in there...

So how do you visit this wonderful room and get the shirts? Well, head on to the World of Dreams, aka Luna's Dream Suite, and plug in the Dream Address above to check out the Red Hat Room along with the rest of Montrose. Please be advised, my town is FULL OF FOUL MOUTHED ANIMALS, so children should probably not look at it, unless they're like how I was at age four and had to be taught not to curse. XD

Oh yeah, and Yuuki fans? There's something waiting for you as well. ^_~

Yay, logos!