Yay! Another Supanova Brisbane down! I had a lot of fun this year, and dang! The crowds were insane! Thank you so much to everyone who came by Bea and my table! We enjoyed talking with y'all, and we'll probably see y'all again at Gold Coast Supanova. ^_^

I know y'all all came here for sketches, so let's get to them! Thanks so much to all the commissioners. I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I had making them. I apologize in advance for the quality of most of these. I was taking them with my phone. ^_^;;

To get started, it's the Year of Marvel Loki, so get used to his sexy, sexy face. XD I did this one right before the convention, and I ended up trading it to Mark Ninness for an illustration of Huntress and Question. I love his work, and I can't wait to get it! ^_^

This is another one I did before the convention as an example. I FUCKING LOVE KILL LA KILL, AND YOU SHOULD WATCH NOW. I did a few others of Ryuko, but sadly, I didn't get pics. I also did a stick figure Fionna with big boobs, but I didn't get a pic of that either. NOOOOOO!! Anyway, watch Kill La Kill.

It's a happy TARDIS! :D

It's Yuuki dressed as Blue Angel Jessie and Chiaki as Valkyrie Yuuki. Thank you so much to Glen for an awesome idea! ^_^

Here's Donald in his Yoshi form. I really like the game Yoshi, so I decided he'd be playing the game. ^_^

Another sexy Loki! :D

I think this might be the first Peter Pan commission I've done. Maybe I'm wrong. ^_^;;

AHAHAHAHA!! Thanks so much for commissioning this one, Awesome Sir! It's SGVY 1/2, starring Lokisai! XD

Last year, I did a commission of Yuuki "doing something", so the commissioner made sure I had orders this year because I get hungry during cons and think of food. Instead of another baking Yuuki, here's Yuuki in a military beret. XD

Another another sexy Loki! :D

This is Qin Sri, who I met at Supanova. Her costume was amazing! Be sure to watch the video!

This is a robotic wombat, Wombot. The commissioners asked if they could use him in a game. I am all about allowing my characters in games with credits. ^_^

Eric is looking very suave. ^_^

We were neighbors with the 2014 Firefighters Calendar, who were raising money for charity. The firefighter manning (lol) the table wanted a sketch of him with a flaming rod. I think I delivered.

OMG, I loved working on this one because it's sooooo fancy! I hope I did it justice!

I always love working on Fionna and Cake. Speaking of which, I CAN'T WAIT FOR BEE AND PUPPYCAT!! :D
Another another another sexy Loki! :D

It's not a con if I don't draw Naruto!

This is Ariel!

And here's the sketch for her little sister. I know she's going to be a Stony fan when she grows up! :D

Another another another another sexy Loki! This time with the staff! :D

Harley Quinn and Batman hookup, because y'know, that's awesome. These were really good cosplayers, btw.

It's the Doctor and his TARDIS! They were really cute. ^_^

And finally we have a friend of mine's commission: Equestria Girls style Ryuko, marking the last and possibly most awesome Ryuko I did for the weekend. Thank you! ^_^

Well, that's it for Supanova sketches! I hope you enjoyed them. My next convention is Room 801, a yaoi/yuri con in Sydney, so I'm expecting SEXY sketch ideas! See you there in February! ^_^

A hope to come back.