Woooooo, it's Xmas, and I'm a busy one! I need to get the SGVY Holiday Special started! Where is the time going? Oh yeah, into arts! Check it out! The above one won't be released till December 26 on Filthy Figments, so I'm afraid this is all you get for right now. ^_^;; But I do have others!

I did this one for the head of StreetPass Brisbane for her birthday. I really regret I can't go today. Year of Luigi! No! T-T

I did this one for the awesomely talented Lex Sugden. She's headed to Canadia, so I thought I'd give her something to get her ready. Mooses, Tim Hortons, maple syrups, and Mounties, oh my! Good luck! ^_^

Well, I hope to have more to show y'all next time. I'm considering doing a year retrospective if I get all sappy and shit. Eh, Holiday Special first!

Her grip has loosened.