HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope everyone's having a good 2014 so far. I am, despite the heatwave and a broken A/C in my office. Oh well! It'll probably get fixed Monday (that's what they're saying right now), so I guess I'll work on pencils this weekend. Gotta work on some more Useless King and a new issue of SGVY. I haven't forgotten! XD

Speaking of 2014, it's the Year of the Horse! I'm sure there's going to be a lot of Pony related material, I hope. I'm doing my part with the pencils above. It's part of a new exciting project I'm a part of. I'll hopefully be able to announce soon, and definitely I'll be able to before Room 801, which you should go to if you're in Australia and like yaoi or yuri! :D

Oh oh oh! Guess what? I'm on the Webcomic Beacon's Top 100 Favorite Webcomics of All Time List, TWICE! Once for SGVY and once for Tom_Swan and my first comic, the Jar. I'm so excited! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my comics! ^_^

Welp, gonna drink something cold. No heatstroke for me! Fuck you, weather!

Can you wake up? No, I think you're under her spell.