Alright! First Sketchfiend of the New Year! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to this one, and an especially big thanks to the commissioners. I had a blast! Check out the video above to see the progress. I think I'm working too quick nowadays. We might need to make the scans at sooner intervals so there's more progress to watch. ^_^;; We also almost had a Yuuki Straight, but hey, the last commission not being Yuuki was A-OK because of subject matter. Read on to find out what it is!

First up we've got ESRDM's sketch of a Robo-Yuuki. I decided since he has rocket ribbons, he doesn't need the train. JET EXHAUST IS HIS TRAIN!! FUTURE IS NOW! XD

Car enthusiast OntHeList requested a "more Christian Yuuki". I think I nailed it… to a cross. XD Yes, that's Hermod down there in the monk robes. Poor guy's got too much hair for it. ^_^;;

Rorschach89's infamous Chicken Yuuki Saga continues, and here comes the Colonel! Fuck! At least chicken!Yuuki has Yuuki!chicken as his steed. XD

A little NSFW for y'all! I've talked about there are "two Yuuki" on Animation Aficionados before, and ben-droid remembers! If you don't know, I think of there being a Story Yuuki and a Promo Yuuki. Story Yuuki is mentally male and is still working through things. Promo Yuuki is a booth babe and is loving it. XD She always looks so happy, no matter what I put her through. Though sometimes Story Yuuki is used in adverts, like for the DIY USB Comic Archives. I can't help loving Yuuki's embarrassed face. XD

This sketch was commissioned by liljonyfirepant. Yuuki's a bit nervous about talking to boys on the train. I think because he not sure what he should say to them since they seem interested. Good luck, Yuuki! ^_^

The final sketch of the night went to Lifeforce! Not Yuuki, but since it's a catgirl valkyrie, it's the icing on the Sketchfiend! This is his character Lillian as a valkyrie being felt up by cloned Lokis. I giggled the whole time when I was drawing the Loki between her legs. XD

And here's my warm-up sketch! I've been watching Kill la Kill, and I freaking love it. The only ep I really didn't like was the "YOU DON'T NEED MONEY TO HAVE HAPPY FAMILY" episode. Eh, might be there to make the suits happy. Otherwise this has been a fun, anti-class, possibly anti-old people series. Do watch it. That and Space Dandy. I was sold when Dandy gave a speech on how men need to respect butt as much as boob. AMEN.

OK, need sleep. Porn to ink in the morning. Futas or yaoi? Probably yaoi since that's more pressing. And thrusting. XD

I'm getting off the train.