Soooooo… I've joined a new porn comic circle, All the Smut, and we're going to be releasing our first book, All the D, in less than two weeks from now at the new yaoi/yuri convention, Room 801, in Sydney, Australia. All the D is a celebration of the penis, so we're going to have a bunch of different kinds of porn comics, like yaoi and strap-ons. Above is my contribution, The Year of the Horse Cums Again!. It's gonna be some futa fun, because how could I not draw the sexy ladies, with cocks! ^_~ Futas encompass all that is good in life.

We're putting up previews on the Tumblr page, so please check them out!

No worries if you can't make it to the con (though you should!). We will be selling it online after Room 801, so keep checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information. ^_^

Oh! And I'm still doing Filthy Figments, and there's going to be another three pages of Useless King come next week. Hope you like more politics and butt sex! :D

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