Woohoo! Another Sketchfiend is successfully over! Thank you so much to the people who came out for the event on Montrosechat, and especially thank you to the winning commissioners. I'm already looking forward to the next one, which should be later this month, so get those ideas ready! In the meantime, let's check the results! Above is the in-progress video, and below, the final sketches!

First up is Lifeforce's request: his character Lillian in her valkyrie armor fighting Yuuki while their breasts expand. I thought they needed to fight with the newly expanded breasts, hence BOOB FIGHT! XD

Next we have Minstrel's idea of having Otsana complaining about the rivalry between Yuuki and Shebi behind the scenes. Minstrel let me choose what I'd say in response. ^_^

AWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!! It's Red Hot Riding Yuuki! And Wolfy Loki! :D

BenComicGraphics keeps up the multiple Yuuki train going with Ad Yuuki and Loki Yuuki feeling up Normal Yuuki. Too many Yuuki? Shut your whore mouth! XD

Nezumi, King of the Rolls, wins another sketch! It's another one of his RP characters, who are always fun to draw. Soy Sauce Prince! XD This time we have a girl with nature powers and the swagger of Indiana Jones. I'm very happy with how the hair turned out. ^_^

And the final sketch of the night is the bonus sketch, and the winner is Animal! This is a sketch of Animal's male self looking in the mirror at his female self. I really like the idea of this one. Thanks for letting me do this one! ^_^

This of course is the warm up sketch. OMG, I fucking love Ragyo. She's so evil and awesome. ♥

Well, that's it! I'm off to do more comics. If you want comics on the go, be sure to check out Montrosemart for more comics. DRM-free and eternally yours! No rentals at Montrosemart! Get your copy of the hottest Aussie comic on the web!

Alright, pitch over. XD Night!

Does it all crumble?