Hey hey, everyone out there! The rains have finally come back to Brisbane. Yay! Let's hope it doesn't flood. ^_^;; So what do I have today? Why a piece I did for a friend of mine of her D&D character. This is Hollythyra Darkhoof, a former noble minotaur ranger. I had a lot of fun doing the tattoos on her face. My friend really liked her, so yay! :D

I put the picture in a frame for presentation, so here's the wrapped up present. I made the little cherry blossoms. I need to do more origami! I forgot how much I like to do it.

Welp, back to working on comics. There'll be something going up on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get back to SGVY soon. Whee~! So much to do~! (It's good though!)

Attachment to the old ways gets you left behind.