Alright! Finally getting around to putting up my sketches from Room 801! I had a lot of fun at this first year yaoi/yuri convention down in Sydney. It was also my first time in Sydney, and I'll definitely be back soon. And I'll definitely be back at Room 801 again next year! I don't think I've had so much fun at a con in a long time. So many awesome people and so much to do! Pirotess runs a good con! :D

So let's get to the sketches! I apologize for the quality as I was taking these with a phone under florescent lights. ^_^;; I also forgot to get pics of all of them. DX Oh well! Here we go:

First up we have a new Valkryie! I love it when people request to be valkyries. We need more for the final battle, y'all! Patrick of Sci-Fi & Squeam commissioned this, and we even did an interview for his podcast, which you should listen to for awesome yaoi and yuri news! Thanks again, Patrick! ^_^

DEAL WITH IT! This commissioner introduced me to Pom Get Wifi, so of course there had to be a shibe. Fukkin shibe. XD

Rave!Hinata! is pretty popular!

More Ryuuko! Now in the upgraded Kamui Senketsu! (Psst, watch Kill La Kill.)

This is an angel and demon pair, so perfect for a yaoi con. ^_^

And the final sketch of the weekend was Kaiba! Haven't drawn him in a while. It was a nice memory. ^_^

Well, that's it! I hope to do a lot more next year, so get those ideas ready, y'all!

The clock ticks.