Hey hey, everyone. Hope you're doing well on this fine St. Patrick's Day Eve. I'm prepping my green shirt now. :D

So today's art are ads for my new store, Montrosemart! We started this last month, and it's been going pretty well, especially with no ads. But today, we change that. Now we're running house ads at Montroseacademy. Well, I should say SGVY, since that's the only page that does right now. XD

I know it's silly to be happy about making ads, but I was trained as a graphic designer, so designing stuff makes me happy. I also inked and sent off another chapter of Useless King to Gina. Speaking of that, we'll be putting more of my porn comics up on Montrosemart as I get the rights! Woo!

I guess I've been pretty productive lately. I do need to finish up the SGVY Holiday Special 2013. ^_^;; I'll be doing that this week. I did do something else:

I did a bonus comic for TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien. If you haven't read Dasien yet, DO IT NOW. It's hot, superheroine action! The bonus comic I did for him is Dasien Beach Bash! It's a riff off of the old Archie Comics which are horribly, awesomely full of clichés. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Welp, I'm off for the night. I got Animation Aficionados to record in the morning! :D

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