Hello out there! I hope it's a nice Irish Recovery Day for you! It's hot here in Brisbane, so I'm hiding out in my dark cave in front on my Cintiq. So cool~ So what do we have today art-wise? Why we have Jerad's commission of his Pathfinder character, Heloise! Heloise is a tiefling, which is the offspring of a fiend and a human, and a witch, hence why she's about to cast something. I'd watch out! I enjoyed drawing the little details of her costume, and the hair. THE HAIR! Ahhhh...

Her companion is a compsognathus, a type of small theropod dinosaur. I really loved drawing him because I love doodling dinosaurs. Now that we know good number of them have feathers, it makes it even more fun to draw them. Fuzzy! :D

I've been playing around with coloring techniques because Manga Studio 5 has new awesome brushes. I've fallen in love with the Dense Watercolor brush, but it sucks if you're coloring individual parts of the piece, which I still do. So I played around with the Multiply effect on the shading layer. It works pretty well! So above is what it looks like if I turn that layer back to Normal. It looks pretty classy, I must say.

Well, back to work on comics! I'm endeavoring to stay on task now that I'm obligation free! :D

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