Hi, and welcome to a special LEARN with the Montroseacademy! Today we're going over the basics of Montrosemart. If you don't know already, Montrosemart is the official store of the Montroseacademy and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki as well as other fine properties such as All the Smut. I know you've already checked out the great selection that Montrosemart has to offer, so now you want to know: How do I get these awesome comics? Well, it's super easy. Let's go over what a CBR is first:

A CBR (comic book reader) file is an archive file format that is primarily used for comics. It doesn't have DRM (digital rights management) that means that there's less chance of a reader rejecting the comic, meaning you can enjoy your comics with no worries! Since we love open formats at Montroseacademy and we love compatibility, we decided upon CBRs for the best presentation for our comics.

So now that you know a little more about CBRs, let's learn how to get comics! The video below will explain the purchasing of tokens as well as getting your CBRs and how to read them:

Thanks, Bea, for making that helpful video! So here's a list of some recommended CBR readers to get your started:

For Mac: Simple Comic

For Windows: ComicRack

For iOS: Comic Zeal

For Android: Open Comic Reader

I think that's it! If you have any more questions about Montrosemart, please use the email below:

Montrosemart Support:

If you want to learn more about CBRs, there's a helpful Wikipedia article.

DRM-free and one time fee: Montrosemart!