If you have a Montroseacademy USB Comic Archive, you may have noticed that the service has ended. No worries, dear reader! We’re upgrading you to the Montroseacademy CBR Comic Super Pack subscription at no cost. When we say forever, we mean forever at Montroseacademy!

So what do you need to do? All you need to do to get your token for a CBR Super Pack is email the answers to the following questions to store@montrose.is:

1. What is the title of your favorite the Jar strip?

2. Where did you buy your USB Comic Archive? The website or a con?

3. Was it a DIY or a pre-installed USB drive?

And that's it! So easy. You won't get this kind of service anywhere else, so remember Montrosemart for all your hot comic needs! ^_^

I'm actually looking forward to your answers. Let's see what the most popular strip is! :D

We keep rolling.