Well, The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Holiday Special 2013 is over. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed ideas! I had a lot of fun, and I might entertain more comics like this in the future. Sorry about the delay in the ending. Like usual, I got a bit busy. ^_^;; Though I hope the ending makes up for it. ^_^

Above is the cover that will be in the SGVY Archives for the Holiday Special 2013 when the new issue comes out. I thought long and hard about what to do, and well, since the panel with Yuuki and Yuuri was the most popular, blam. Easy. I think Yuuri will be making more appearances in my works. ^_^

And what's this? Why something I'm working on lately that might be coming to the site soon. Maybe something where people can maybe commission me. Maybe it's something involving comics. We'll see. ^_~

Oh! If you didn't get the message yet, USB Comic Archive owners, we're upgrading you for FREE to the Montroseacademy CBR Comic Super Pack! Please check out this post for more details. Thank you for being loyal readers! We'll keep you in offline Montrose goodness! ^_^

Well, it's a rainy night. Going to curl up, listen to the rain, sleep, then get up and draw sexiness again! Woo! I might even eat an egg! :D

Keep on chuggin', awesome train.