Well, the summer doesn't want to leave Brisbane, and I don't blame it. Especially when I got some hotness served up for you today. ^_~ This is Jacky Randa, who is the indentured servant the Beatnik. To see that story, I'll be putting it up on Montrosemart this November when I receive the rights back. However, I can use Jacky in the meantime!

And this is Mai! Mai is original to this new story I'm working on, but she's the same personality type as Chiaki and Zach, meaning she's bubbly and fun (with less of Zach's murderous tendencies ^_^;; ).

So what's all this talk of a new series? Well, if you're aware of Quickies!, you'll know I love doing commission porn comics. Quickies! was very popular over on Filthy Figments, so I decided to continue the fun. ^_^ I'll be talking about this new series in the weeks to come (lol), so please be sure to check out Facebook and Twitter for all the latest details as the come out. They'll be posted here too, so please check here too. ^_^

I'm working on a new issue of SGVY as well, I'll show y'all the storyboard when I'm done! More Freya hotness on the way!

First step, everything's fine.