A fellow artist mentioned today that they were going to do USB comic archives, and they thought no one else had done it before. Haha, no. I did them for nearly six years! I was showing him examples of the drives, which the leather one was easy to find (though I'm unsure if I have a pic of the first leather one; it's pretty much the same, just different packaging) as well as the interface. However, I was having a dickens of a time finding the metal one! Turns out I never posted it! I guess because they were selling so well, I never figured to make a post about them. So here you go! XD Above is the packaging I made from cardstock. People thought I had them professionally made. They were made professionally, by me! ^_^

Here's the drive peeking out of the package. You tease.

This is the drive itself. The stick portion would pop out using the slider at the top. Very nice. It was made from a glass/metal alloy and etched with a laser, so it was slick as shit.

And here's the back with a €1 coin for scale. I did want to continue to get these, but the company got bought out by Apple. That was a weird email to receive: "Hi, sorry, but you can only order one more time because Apple just bought us." XD

After that we did the DIY USB Comic Archives because I found more and more people had drives on their person. The selling point of it being able to be used day to day as a drive as well was decreasing, so it made more sense. I even had people bring hard drives and phones! XD

Nowadays I'm selling CBR comics at Montrosemart! With less and less devices having USB capability, I figured it was time to move on. After all, CBRs can be viewed on pretty much everything! ^_^

Speaking of the USB Comic Archives, if you haven't yet converted yours to a CBR Comic Super Pack for FREE yet, do so today! Just click here for more details. When we say eternal, we mean eternal at Montroseacademy!

Welp, back to work. Y'all take it easy.

I done a lot.