Awesome! Another fun and successful Sketchfiend! Thank you so much to everyone who came out today to the event at Montrosechat, and thank you very much to the winning commissioners. I'm sorry that we don't have more slots per event, but I'm hoping to do more of these to satisfy y'all's commission fever, as well as doing this. ^_~

OK! Let's get to the sketches:

First up we have ThomRevor-910CMX's commission of Yuuki and Chiaki switching body types. I think Yuuki's confused and Chiaki's a happy woman. Cheer up, Yuuki! Your breasts are closer to what they used to be. (I guess that's consolation? ^_^;; )

Next up we have the god of rolls, Nezumi! Here's another of Nezumi's RP characters, the Count Beach Bum and Countess Von Beach Babe. They ensure that everyone's having a good time at the beach, regardless if this duo are royalty or not! I trust those shades because he designed them. ^_^

This one, which I think everyone in the chat agreed was the best, is onnaphone... er, Kullax's commission of a Myu Myu Minotaur with a captured Chiaki faced off against a Spartan Yuuki. My god, I had fun with those muscles. I should draw more muscle-y men. And women. ^_^

I think I did OK with this one for TV's Mr. Neil. I think it's funny with Yuuki and Dasien trying to one-up each other. Yuuki, remember that you suck. XD

More Loki!Yuuki action! Or as he's being called now, "Luuki". XD BenComicGraphics allowed me free rein with this one, and I think Yuuki and Luuki at Victoria's Secret is pretty hilarious. Poor Yuuki!

And finally, the bonus which was won by newcomer Captshiro. He wanted Chiaki being very evil-eyed at Yuuki, and the only time I can think of that is when her jealousy flares. Don't worry, Chiaki. King, the guy talking to Yuuki and "hero" of Useless King, is worthless and has no chance. XD

To finish up, here's my warm-up. It's based on this Dasien comic, which I think is perfect. I had to continue it. XD

I would've spent more time on the warm up, but sadly, I was having technical difficulties. My beloved laptop Braeburn has died after suffering power problems for a while. It's not a terrible tragedy, as it lived for nearly six years and I do have a desktop, but I do miss having it already. Lounging isn't going to be the same without your beautiful screen and decent keyboard, old friend

What next?