Working on a pinup for the local bar! It's due this weekend. Can I get it done? Sure! Why not! XD The theme is "beer" (very apt!), and after weeks of racking the brain about it, I decided to go with Chuck E. Cheese. Why you might ask a pizza joint with animatronic animals dancing and singing while kids run around in the ball pit and lose shit tons at Skee-Ball brings to mind beer? They serve beer at Chuck E. Cheese. It is a little known secret. It's started to fade away in these lamer times. Ah well...

I'm going to ink and color this. I'm going to try to stick to the original color scheme which is 70s as hell. Should look pretty good in B/W too.

I'm also inking away at SGVY Edda 13.4. If you haven't seen Edda 13.3, read in anticipation! ^_^

Alright, back to work!

One step.