Book 1 Cover Book 1 Page 28
Book 2 Cover Book 2 Page 3
Book 3 Cover Book 3 Page 18 Family. Sacrifice. Adventure.

Seven follows Katerin and Hans as they search for their cursed siblings - while under curses themselves.

Full of darkness and magic with just enough hope and humour, Seven brings you back to the shadowy places you feared as a child - the not-quite-right fairy tales and frightful witches. But don't be too afraid - there's usually a little light around the right corner.

Starting today, Montrosemart is proud to be selling Alisha Jade's dark fairy tale series, SEVƎN. I really like this series because it's creepy like fairy tales should be, and if you're into the original Grimm tales, you should like this too. The art is just lovely as well. Ah, it's jewel-like even though it's black and white! It's very reminicent of woodblock at times, don't you think?

I've put a few previews up for you to check out, and if you like what you see, head on over to the store and get a copy, or maybe the whole set! Books 1 through 3 are all just US$2 each, so it's a real deal. Please check it out! ^_^

I like the bird in the third story a lot. XD