Yay! Another fun Free Comic Book Day at Ace Comics & Games in Annerley, QLD! Thanks so much for having me, and a big thanks to all the people who came out to support comics by getting free comics, then buying comics because, well, you're there. XD

I did free sketches this year, and I ended up doing 10. Woo, two an hour! :D

My first request is above, and very fitting to start this post. I was told to do anything, which is usually pretty dangerous with me, but it's a family setting, so I kept it tame. Well, tame with big boobs. The bat is there because my tablemate, Bea, does awesome comics about bats. ^_^

Now, even though I kept the first one PG, here's a little spice for a repeat customer. You've gotta request it! ^_~

The request was "something cute". Hence, KITTIES!!

Another anything! Yuuki has Free Comic Book Day Fever! :D


I rarely get Harley Quinn. People should request more Harley Quinn.

Yay! Another repeat customer! This is the companion piece to the mermaid I did last year at Free Comic Book Day. The shark is inspired by Stripe in Coral ~ Tenohira no Umi by TONO.

And here's the final sketch! I love doing portraits. ^_^

I didn't get pics of all of the sketches, as it's hard sometimes. The funny thing is that the two I didn't get were both Iron Man. Weird! XD

And because the video I uploaded for Free Comic Book Day was in godawful quality due to the phone being a bitch about uploading over 3G, here's a better quality video! Dance dance! :D
BONUS! Here's a pic I did for a friend's birthday. She's been making hilarious pics of dogs in wigs, so I had to do this. XD

Oh! And before I go, THERE'S A NEW SGVY ISSUE!! Rejoice! Also, if you're confused why Hermod is with Loki and Freya, here's Edda 13.3. I got a lot of emails about a new update even after releasing the final panels of the Holiday Special 2013. I think people didn't open their present at the end. ^_^;;

Welp, it's getting cold. It's so nice! I'd like to go curl up and sleep, but no! It's time to sign up for the Artists' Circle for SMASH! Wish me luck! :D

Just keep going.