Oh boy, oh boy, what do we have today? Why we have a commission I just finished for Mr. BenComicGraphics! The saga of Luuki, formerly known as Loki!Yuuki, continues! Today's adventure: Bath time. Poor Yuuki having to deal with this alternate dimension Loki who has body swapped with Yuuki in his own dimension. Yeah, that's right: That Yuuki on the left is Loki. If you want the previous installments, check out the "luuki" tag for this post. ^_^

Things will turn around for you, Yuuki, you'll see...!

"...A great plantains, we hope," to quote NAZCA's Neo Turf Masters. ^_^;;

Here's some in-progress I shared in Montrosechat. I sometimes share art in there, and especially if the commissioner hangs out in there. I do take requests to not share though. I respect privacy after all (unlike some multinational corporations and governments XD ).

Alright, that's it for tonight. I'm snuggling under my new quilt tonight, or doona as the Aussies call it. IKEA and Target call them quilts, which is odd, because the word doona is descended from the word IKEA used in the 1970s, dyne. The simple quilt with a cover is popular here, and I got to agree it's much better than the American bedding system of piling on blankets. After all, you can use the same cover with different weights of quilt, or change the cover and keep the quilt. It's very sensible.

I actually only use one quilt, and that's in winter. Brisbane is too warm to use one any other time of year. This is sad because I like being a big toasty cinnamon bun, but then again, I can wear a short sleeve shirt year round. I'm OK with this.

Trying. I am, really.