Howdy howdy! Look, I'm working on some porn! Why am I working on something with small breasts? Well, you'll have to see when I'm done and it's published. There's nothing wrong with small titties. I just follow Trevor's Law, which states that they can always be bigger. Yes they can because they're not real. If you want to see the limits to which I take breasts, you should check out Quickies! available at Montrosemart. It's very sexy fetish stuff. ^_~

I've been getting a lot of questions about commissions because of the commissions I've been showing off. I'm working on a page which will explain everything, like guidelines and prices. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but things have been very busy here at Montroseacademy. I'm hoping we can show some of the behind the scenes projects soon. ^_^

Well, I'm off to go watch insane costumes and singing. Should be fun! Later!

Never move.