Another commission down! This one was a rush job, but I think I did OK. This is a character sheet of Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile in her first outfit. The commissioner is planning on getting a costume made from this. I'm excited to see it! :D

The commissioner and I looked all over the Internet for any other art than this sprite sheet for reference, but it was to no avail. So, I took the sprite sheet and made a character sheet from it. I wonder what it looks like compared to the original sketch?

Here's the pencils! I'm doing this digitally nowadays. It's so much easier, and I don't have to hook up the scanner. (I don't trust that thing too much...)

Next, the inks. However, this collar was deemed too difficult for cosplay, so I changed it:

VoilĂ ! Mandarin collar. :D

Whoa! It's green! The commissioner wanted it in green as well. I think it's a winning combo. As you can tell from the inks, I added a space between the trim and the edge of the skirt. It was kind of hard to see that in the sprite sheet, but I think this looks better in any case. I added a bit of liberty with the doubled trim on the shirt. Hey, I could see that between the dots! XD

Finally, here's the breakdown of the individual pieces. I'm not really sure how to secure the sash, but I'm betting on the hooks myself. I think the wig will cover it, and it won't be have a janky overlap like the Velcro and snaps would.

I should learn to sew better. All I can do is hand-sew. ^_^;; I guess it would help with costume design because I can think about it better. I do need some curtains. Gotta start somewhere! :D

I feel like I'm go go go! Let's keep the train going. I'm gonna work on getting that commission site together next week. Woo! That and a new issue of SGVY. Y'all want that? ^_^

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