Yet another thing that I never posted! Oh well! Better late than never. This is the old monitor wrap that I used at cons in the USA from about March 2011 till my last con there in May 2012. Click the image for a larger copy. It's Yggdrasil the World Tree! I had a lot of fun designing it, but the construction was a bit of hell. Mostly because of transcription problems (IT LOOKED LIKE A GODDAMNED 9!!) when it came time to do the correct window size for the monitor. Ah well. We got it right in the end. The way it was made was adhering high quality photo paper to acrylic. It allowed for a little light to shine through, so it was a lot lighter in real life. I was very proud of it.

The animals featured on it are the residents of Yggdrasil: Ratatosk, Nidhogg and his snake friends, Vedrfolnir and his bro the eagle, and the stags Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyr, and Durathror. I took some liberties with their appearances. Apparently Ratatosk is green! I didn't know that and made him a squirrel native to Norse lands, the red squirrel. Maybe he dyes his fur these days to look respectable. XD

I really can't use it again because most monitors aren't 4:3 anymore. That and it's in the USA. XD I'm thinking about making another one, this time with the Norns. I should look into this.

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