Woo! We did Sketchfiend like champs this weekend! So many people showed up. I'm so happy! I want to thank everyone who came out, the winning commissioners, and especially to everyone who shared my posts about Sketchfiend. I really appreciate it, y'all. ^_^

As you can see, the WIP video is there so you can see me work. I'm afraid I'm working too fast now to get a lot of WIP shots. ^_^;; I'm thinking of doing a livestream, but fuck if I'm using a service. We don't do that here at Montroseacademy!

OK! On to sketches!

First up is Elaine's of a dragongirl harassing a kitsune. Poor little kitsune! Maybe things will look up for her when she grows more tails.

Next up we've got Lifeforce's commission of his Valkyrie Lillian and Luuki. Luuki, Loki in Yuuki's mind from another dimension, has his hands busy, and he's in other commissions! XD Click the "luuki" tag at the end of this post for more cracktastic, mindswap dimensional goodness.

Here's Animal's commission of Kitsuna's character and Animal's character together. They are so cute in their little ears! I think this was the sweetest one.

I'M SO SORRY, TFcommando! I will put more nudity in next time! XD This is Yuuki suddenly transported to Egypt and put into Egyptian dress, and we all know what Loki says about Egyptian dress! I just wanted to go for something a bit pudica. It's sexy to hint sometimes!

More Luuki fun courtesy of BenComicGraphics! Poor Yuuki. All he wants to do is dress up as Pineapple Princess Pinako! I actually had to think quick on this one. What is raunchy? I think the above is. XD

I get this feel being Australia for almost two years! The bonus sketch was ESRDM's of his transformed Egyptian couple. I think we'll be doing more with them soon. ^_^

And finally, here was my warmup sketch. I am so doing a Mako/Mina doujin. You can't stop me.

OK! I'm off to bed. Dream up new sketch ideas, y'all! I'm thinking of doing a Sketchfiend for Yuuki's Birthday next month! :D

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