OK, picture this: You want pastelillos, little pockets of meaty goodness, but you don't know how to make them at home. You'd go look up a recipe online, but they're usually dull, uninformative blocks of text. Never fear, chef at home! FoodVenture Comics by Beatriz Bravo are now available at Montrosemart to help you make pillowy deliciousness!

Beatriz shows you everything you need to know in this 13 page comic CBR about making pastelillos, from where to buy the dough or make it from scratch to various tasty fillings, including a mince filling. Illustrations make it easy and fun, so you know exactly what you need to do in the kitchen. I've taste tested Beatriz's cooking, and I can personally say you'll love this recipe. ^_^

Page 2 preview Page 8 preview Here's a couple sample pages for you. It's really easy to see what's going on as you can see.

So where can you get this awesome comic? Why none other than Montrosemart, the best place to get DRM-free, independent comics! We don't believe in rentals either like our competitors. You OWN your comics forever! We have an ever growing selection of Australian created comics, so please check them out today!

I want pork filling! :D