Hey everyone! It's getting cold here in Australia, so it's time to eat warm, filling things. I hope you all tried out Bea's Pastelillos recipe comic. Mmm... Beefy pillowiness... You know what goes great after that? BROWN SUGAR COOKIES! :D


Brown Sugar Cookies page 1 preview Brown Sugar Cookies page 2 preview Introducing FoodVenture Comics: Brown Sugar Cookies by Beatriz Bravo! Bea's back to show you how to make perfect, soft brown sugar cookies. Learn the secrets to making the flavor pop! I love to bake cookies, and this one is PERFECT! Oh god, so buttery!

Ta da! Here's a batch that Bea made. Look at them glisten. Yuuuuummmm... These cookies could be in your kitchen (and mouth!) if you buy FoodVenture Comics: Brown Sugar Cookies right now. It's just $2 at Montrosemart, so it's a great bargain! What are you waiting for? Get cooking those cookies!

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Get my coffee.