Oh ho, do I have a treat for you Doctor Who and Sailor Moon fans today! This is a piece I did recently for someone's friends. The guy dressed as the Tenth Doctor is transforming his SO into Sailor Tardis using the sonic screwdriver. That makes sense since it's pen shaped! :D

I'm always mindful of commissioners privacy and rights, so I agreed to watermark this one. I'm not a fan of watermarks, but I do want to make my commissioner happy. Sometimes I'm told I can't post a piece, and while I'm sad I can't show it off, I understand. Privacy is awesome! That said, I'm very happy I was able to show this one off in the end. :D

I'm feeling a lot better today. The spots on my tonsils are fading, my breathing feels less like it's through a kazoo, and I can sit at my desk again without pain. Yes! I'm still on meds, but it's working. ^_^

I'm hoping I'm feeling much better tomorrow. I want to go outside! It's finally cold in Brisbane ("cold", it's 22ÂșC outside) and sunny. I have to go enjoy this! Oh well, at least I can snuggle in a blanket and look outside. Tomorrow though, I want some damn poached eggs on toast and my soy flat white while looking out at either a busy street or a mountain. I'm OK with either.

OMG, one month to SMASH in Sydney! I hope I get to see some of you there. ^_^ I know I'll get to see some of the people I met at Room 801, so I'm excited! I'm hoping to have my Sailor Jupiter/Sailor Venus doujinshi done by then. Work work work!

Oh! And if you didn't see, we had two releases at Montrosemart this week: FoodVenture Comics: Brown Sugar Cookies by Beatriz Bravo and Going Down on Abbey (18+) by Maxxx Bronwyn. They're $2 and $3 respectively, so they're quite a deal! They're also CBR format, the world's most used digital comic format, and DRM-free! We don't rent at Montrosemart! You OWN your comics forever! So shop awesome, shop Montrosemart!

OK, back to work on my new header for Sketchbook!

Yeah, you keep looking and not doing.