I finished up the new background for Sketchbook, and you can now see it surrounding this blog. It didn't take me too long this time, but that was because I had guides all ready to go this time. I realized the last time I changed it out was in 2012. ^_^;; I'm going to miss Rarity and Spike though. Rarity always looked so happy, as well did big Spike. ^_^

If you're wondering how I did the rainbow and water, it's a photo I took in Hawaii last year. I was fortunate enough to go on a helicopter ride around the island of O Ľahu, and while I was sick as a dog, I did manage to get some good shots, including this of a double rainbow (haha). I like using photos as splashes on websites. It's livin' the dream of 1999.

Plus, it's easy. I should go to more places and just take photos. Hmmm... The front page needs sprucing up. I should go to Iceland and actually take a photo. Let's start a Kickstarter for that! XD

Back in reality where we know you can't do Kickstarters for trips to Iceland to take a photo for the front page (boo), I'm going to go watch some drunk celebrities cook. Night!

That moment in the flight simulator when you get the pterodactyl to fly.