Are you ready for another helping of FoodVenture Comics? I am! I've got my mixin' arm ready. This week at Montrosemart, we have a new recipe comic for purchase and download: FoodVenture Comics: Banana Bread by Beatriz Bravo!


Banana Bread page 1 preview Banana Bread page 4 preview Don't throw away those mushy bananas! Make banana bread! It's great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner whether it's toasted or with a bit of cream. Don't forget to share! Try this recipe comic out for yourself, because cooking your own food is awesome.

FoodVenture Comics: Banana Bread is just $2 at Montrosemart. Remember, at Montrosemart, our comics are DRM-free and yours forever. We don't rent like our competition. ^_~

Oooh, with it being so cold outside, coffee and banana bread sounds downright awesome right now. *points at bananas in fruit bowl* Ripen faster! I want banana bread!

Yelling at fruit works. Swear.