Alright! I was able to sketch in the SMASH Traveling Artbook again thanks to my friend Mamath bringing it by dinner. Thanks, dude! :D I decided to do Sailor Moon this year because, well, Crystal. I think I did an OK job. I felt really outclassed by all the beautiful color and ink illustrations, and there was this one pencil one in there that... My god. So good. O_O Also, Stan Lee signed it! That was really awesome to see. :D

Speaking of SMASH, I'll be there this year with Bea! This will be my second trip to Sydney. I can't wait! I'm working on prints, and of course, there'll be NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES! I hope to see you there this August 9-10! :D

Fighting evil by moonlight, sketching valks by daylight~