I'm really obsessed with Shokugeki no Souma lately. I wonder why? It has sexy men and women who get naked when they cum from delicious food. Hmmm... Why would I like this? XD

Anyway, I decided to refresh my print selection for cons (SMASH is next month!). Since I figure I should draw what I like, I said, "I'll draw Megumi since she's the cutest and if she doesn't end up with Souma, I'm gonna flip a table!"

...I ended up drawing Nikumi. Can you blame me? She's stacked and loves beef! MARRY ME, BEEF GODDESS!!

(I still love you too, Megumi. I'm sorry.)

I'll be finishing this up. I do need to start working on the Montrosemart display for the con. I have ideas, oh yes I do.

Sort of. XD

OK, time to go to the store and get the makings for some strawberry rhubarb pie. I have rhubarb, and I'm not afraid to cook it! :D

Party dance.