Woo! Another year of ZICS down! I have some photos up on Facebook, but I thought I'd put the sketches here. Thanks so much to the organizers, the attendees, and to everyone I traded or got freebies from. Y'all are awesome! :D

OK, sketches! As you can see, I was using a visualizer. It was awesome to see everyone drawing as the con was going on, especially when the kids would get up there. ^_^ I drew Yuuki first because why not? Yuuki!

I know, I know. So inaccurate. One, it doesn't look like this. Two, it's actually called Paraceratherium. Oh well. Looks cool, and Indricotherium is more fun to say. XD

I did this fanart of Nick Smith's Fiona from Hilt. OMG, the art is so good in that comic. Apparently it's the first! Yay! GET! :D

Finally we have a cute portrait of a cute couple. Thanks for mentioning me on Twitter, y'all! :D

Welp, that's it! My next convention is Brisbane Supanova, so I hope to see you there. I should have some new cool stuff for that one. ^_~