Working on some commissions! I've got something I want to reveal when I get through this last batch. Woo! Working! This the inks of the Lina vs. Bloom sketch I did a while back. I'll have the colors soon. ^_^

I did this sketch of Zara from Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, and it'll be in the VN. Be on the look out for it during the Zara route! It was a big surprise to DK when Lach and I revealed it. I do like her puffy, floppy bunny ears.

Don't forget there's a Sketchfiend this weekend! I'll be drawing for you! We'll be set up in Montrosechat, so be sure to be there Saturday, September 13 at 8pm EDT (Sunday, September 14 at 12am UTC). More info can be found here. I hope you'll stop by and enter the lottery for a chance at a sketch. There's five chances, so try your luck! :D

OK, back to work! It's a beautiful Spring day, so I want to go enjoy it a bit this afternoon. Yah!

Aw, ain't that cute.