Out of Town 2
Woo! It's the return of Out of Town! It's very NSFW, but you're probably already aware. ^_~ I enjoyed working with ankan again, and I think this one is even sexier. I hope you enjoy it! :D

Oh! And if you're of age, please download this complementary CBR of Out of Town 2 for on-the-go reading. It's the same quality as our CBRs at Montrosemart, so if you like it, please check out our selection. I'm sure you'll find something fapworthy. ^_^

The weekend is coming very quickly! I'm doing 24 Hour Comic Day Perth this year. I'm so excited! This is the first year that online contestants can enter, so my friend Mamath and I are totally doing it from here in Brisbane. Wish us luck! You'll be able to follow me here at Sketchbook, Facebook, Twitter, and even Montrosechat. So many ways to join in the fun! The theme is fairy tales this year, and I have no idea which I'll get! Come on, something compatible with cute animals or sexy girls! XD

Aren't all fairy tales compatible with that?