Today in the mail I got two awesome things: one being Wacom nibs (yay!) and the other being these Sailor Moon Earphone Charms. Woop! Today's a good day! I got mine from J-List, and man, they got here quick! Living in the Asia-Pacific area is awesome. :D

As you can see, I got the whole Inner Scout (yes, I say scout still XD ) set. I'm really hoping for an Outer Scout set at some point, but this is cool too!

I was going to open all of them, but I think I'm going to dole them out. I like to do this with gashapon toys so it feels like I get something new each week. I decided to go in order, so it's Moon first!

Oh my god, they're so cute! They're of course plastic, which is good so they're not too heavy. Those clasps look a bit fragile. I'm going to keep myself from doing my normal tendency of gorilla gripping these. ^_^;;

OK! I got them on. It took a bit. They do stay on pretty OK. I'm worried about it long term, but I have Plastimake if I need to mod them. They look pretty cool on too! I look terrible from being sick, so I'll do better pics later. I kind of want to wear the Jupiter ones for that. :D

Welp, that's it for the unboxing! Look for me being a fashionista around Brisbane. XD

I need it, but it's not for me.