We've got a great comic for you today, folks. A story of two sisters, two views, and two destinies. Now available at Montrosemart, My Sister's Voice by Alexis Sugden. Check out this preview!

My Sister's Voice preview
My Sister's Voice page 1 preview My Sister's Voice page 2 preview In an isolated lighthouse live two sisters, Anna and Polina, and their mother, Vla. Polina gets engaged and leaves the lighthouse, only to go missing at sea. Concerned for her wellbeing, Anna and her mother go searching for her, on the desolate and lonely sea.

Anna and her mother do not see the world the same way. What Anna can't find in her mother, she looks for in her grandmother, Yona. Yona died at sea and appears to Anna as a ghost. She guides Anna in her quest to find Polina, but does not appear to her daughter, Vla.

It is a story of strained relationships, with an eerie quality. Mostly black and white, there are a few symbolic injections of color. This comic is an original stand alone graphic novel.

It's just $2 at Montrosemart, so it's a great deal for a great story. All Montrosemart comics are in CBR format, the world's most used comic container, high quality resolution, and DRM-free because you OWN your comics at Montrosemart! So head on over to montrose.is/shopping today!

I like the spot color!