NSFW! Watch at own risk!

Woohoo! Another successful Sketchfiend down! Thank you to everyone who came out, shared the event on Twitter and Facebook, and especially to the winning commissioners. I had fun as always, and I'm looking forward to the next one. :D

I switched the pencil I'm using in Manga Studio EX5 from the default Mechanical Pencil to Frenden's 2B Pencil. Since I've upgraded to Yosemite, it's not as janky anymore, so I highly recommend getting these brushes. ^_^

OK, onto the finished sketches!

First up is Animal's commission of his character Destinii. I'm a sucker for all things Soviet, so I went all Motherland on this one. XD

I'm liking kullax's idea of doing D&D-esque commisions, like his previous Minotaur commission. This time Yuuki's a randy rogue after a comely barmaid Chiaki. ^_^

Kitsuna got a commission of Magical Girl Kitsuna with bonus kung fu powers! I kind of fucked up during the sketch as you can see in the video above, but I fixed it. Yay, digital! :D

Next we have TFcommando's idea of Chiaki dreaming of a romantic walk on a nudist beach with Valkyrie Yuuki. Of course Loki had to tag along in the dream (how?!). XD

Lifeforce got the final slot for the night, and he brings the awesome with his idea. Poor Valkyrie Lilly! She should know better than to trust Loki at this point, even if that Boob Mace is pretty sweet. Thank you, Lifeforce, for suggesting quadboobs™.

And the winner of the bonus roll for the night was Optia! Looks like Yuuki's smartened up lately and isn't falling for Loki's tricks, even a succubi game. Optia on the other hand doesn't seem to mind. I think she knew. XD

OK! That's it for another Sketchfiend. We'll do another next month. Since it's the accursed holiday season, I suggest we do a Holiday themed one. I'll announce it closer to time. Y'all take care out there and think of ideas for the next event! :D

Keep going.