Today's treat over at Montrosemart is extra sweet: Age Restricted by Kittyhawk. Age Restricted is one of the favorite smut I've done, and apparently it's a favorite as well for the readers of Filthy Figments! It's the highest user-rated story of all-time on Filthy Figments! That's high praise indeed, so why don't we take a peek inside? :D

Age Restricted Preview
Actual Product Uncensored and High Def!

Age Restricted page 4 preview Age Restricted page 18 preview Risa Newman is a frustrated, female fright artist whose boyfriend takes her for granted. At a fateful convention, she meets a boy she thinks is cute but too young. Will she go for the forbidden fruit? You'll have to pick up a copy of Age Restricted at Montrosemart to find out!

Age Restricted is just $5 and DRM-free because you OWN your comics at Montrosemart. No subscriptions, no rentals here! Our comics are also in CBR format, the world's most used comic format, and there are plenty of readers for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. If you need any help with buying comics or getting a reader, please check out this handy video or just ask us! :D

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He is cute!