Woooo!! The first streaming Sketchfiend was a success! Thanks to everyone who came by montrose.is/streaming today. I had a blast drawing all the winning commissioners' sketches and chatting with y'all. A good way to spend Valentine's. ^_^

First up is DredLily's OC kitcat girl. A kitcat is a cross between a cat and a fox. I like doing kemonomimi because it means I can do swooshy tails.

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Next up is newcomer TKD0n and his idea. Basically this guy wanted his girlfriend to get implants, she misunderstands and takes him to the Montroseacademy Breast Research Division, and he gets nice, full breasts (very full!). You know how it is. XD

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BenComicGraphics continues his saga of Luuki, another universe Loki trapped in Yuuki's body because of a magic camera come to torment Yuuki in another dimension. Oh Luuki, why must you torment Yuuki?

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The bonus winner of the night is TFcommando! This is possibly the most cracktastic idea ever, and I love it: the Rayearth girls with the elements of perv. If you are unaware of what they are, they are breast expansion, multiboob, and futanari, of course! XD

Here's my warmup for the event. I'm still drawing ponies for Pony Con AU! I gotta keep up the pace! Whew!

OK, that's it for today. Let's do it again soon. Seems like streaming is going pretty well. :D

Yep, making the decision.