If you're a bird lover like me, you're going to love this new comic I just made: Kea Kea by Kittyhawk. What's a kea? Well, the best bird in the world! :D

In the wilds of Aotearoa, the roles of hunter and hunted have changed...

There is nature show violence, so you've been warned! I was inspired to do this story when I took a trip to New Zealand with my family in 2013. It was awesome! The kea were my favorite part of the trip (well, the glacier trip is pretty on top too! And the food!), so I wanted to write a story about them.

It got a bit big in my head, but thanks to Minicomicon, I had an excuse to cut it down, being a con for minicomics. I think it's better this way being very simple and short. ^_^

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