Hey hey out there! It's Autumn now in Australia. Australians are sensible and make the start of seasons on the first of the month rather than some random ass number based on the earth's position around the sun. Not that seasons mean anything here, but I guess it's a good way to divide the year... Oh look! There's a character sheet of Shuzaya Chiaki from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!

I've been a sketching fool lately with all these cons and Sketchfiends! Above is a sketch I did for the recent one for mike of Female Naruto.

Next up is a piece for TVsMrNeil of Cheryl Blossom in a bikini.

I decided to combine some ideas for this one of Yuuki and Chiaki as Van Helsing and a vampire as ponies. This one goes out to you, kullax!

And finally, I decided to take the idea of a magical girl and Duck Hunt Dog and combine them for awesome, in a leotard.

Well, I've got a bunch of comic pages to do this week. Wish me luck! Maybe I'll stream some of it. :D

I'm doing!