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Alright! Thanks to Trevor's hard work, there's now an archive of Sketchfiend videos! We're hosting them over at MEGA, and while there's only two now, I'll keep making them with streaming events. :D

Speaking of streaming, Sketchfiend went awesome! I think we've gotten all the kinks out, but not the kinks in the sketches. ;D Let's check them out!

First winner was BenComicGraphics. He wanted his fanon character Luuki fondling his breasts, which are actually Yuuki's, in an oldschool Japanese school swimsuit. XD

Next up is Phyrior's OC just transformed into her demon self, but the clothes had a malfunction and didn't transform too. Now she's a feeling a bit constrained. ^_^;;

I love this one! ESRDM wanted a sketch of an alternate Yuuki who was sent back to Viking days rather than become a magical girl. Here she is reflecting on how her life has gone and how she would change nothing because it's perfect (from glorious battle XD ).

ReD was the bonus winner for the night, which he said was a shock! I gave him what he wanted though: Sexy Yuuki. Yuuki, you can't wear those pants anymore. XD

Here's my warmup for the event. BenComicGraphics is celebrating a birthday today, so I made something for him. You're gonna need this in North America, ladies! It actually has a window! Perfect for a night on the frozen town!

That's it for the 3.13 event! Thank you so much to everyone who came by and watched, and especially thank you to the commissioners. I think this was the best one yet. Let's do it again soon! :D