Doing a little sketching to get ready for Room 801. I've been watching Yurikuma Arashi, and while I keep going "Huh?!" at the anime, the manga makes a bit more sense. XD Hey, I'm a person who likes the Utena movie. Lesbian cars! I like Ginko a lot stylistically, and her personality seems really cute in the manga. ^_^

Another series I've been watching is Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, aka That Cute Magical Boy Series I Can't Remember the Name of. XD I'm not sure which boy is my fav, but I went with Battle Lover Scarlet because he's really cute and his hair is interesting to draw. At some point, I might need to make a fan book of this. Seems like my kind of thing. ^_~

Well, time to sketch some more. I'll show y'all later!

Last one.