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Yay! Sketchfiend went off despite A SHIT TON OF PROBLEMS. Thanks, Apple, for fucking up my screencapturing ability the morning of the event! Though I guess I'm the idiot for running an update the morning of the event. Teach me to be responsible and security-minded! XD;;

We were still able to broadcast! So the video this time is over my shoulder, so watch my mad "stylus-flipping" skills! Maybe you'll see my hair. :D Previous videos are hosted over at Mega, so please check them out!

OK, let's look at some sketches:

First up is Minstrel's commission of Otsana and Haruki posing in something called the "Hangovers Calendar", which I am unaware of, so I made something up. ^_^;; I think they've been partying in a mine or something. Mother Abbott's Finest Coal, lol. XD

After a great drought, Sakraida82 is back in the land of sketches and Wacoms! I love his ideas, like this one of a Pony fighting game VS screen featuring Preggo!Loki and Handy Hands (I came up with that name on the spot, lol) the Pony Centaur. Cracktastic! I love it!

Lifeforce's Valkyrie Lilly is back with sexier armor and a friend, er, foe. XD I almost fucked this one up by having the Mallet Valkyrie standing. Thank you, digital.

Flayr really liked Phyrior's sketch, so he had this one made of Flayr turning into the false valkyrie. :D

The winner of the bonus was Nezumi, and he had me do another one of his excellent RP characters. I have a lot of fun with these. Today's offering is a Magical Fighter of Justice, Attorney at Law, Defender of Truth and Love, Accredited and Bonded Business Lawyer. XD

The warmup sketch, which you'll see me working on time to time in the video, is based on what my cosplay helmet looks like uncut. Happy Bakery Valkyrie Brioche is ready to bake the baddies!

That's it! I should be doing these and more issues of SGVY more regularly now that cons are over. Whew! Just one more this weekend. I'll probably be posting pics of cosplay work this week. I hope this goes well at Supanova Gold Coast! :D

It's all according to my visions.