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OMG GOLDNOVA WAS AWESOME BECAUSE THERE WAS SGVY COSPLAY!! Thank you so much to Caillen, our Valkyrie Yuuki for the shoot, for setting this up! You are so cool! And the costumes! They turned out so well! If you want to see the full set of pics, I've put them up at Facebook. We're thinking of doing a studio shoot, so I might have more pics coming. :D

First up is Caillen as Valkyrie Yuuki. I am so impressed with how good it looks! So cute! She did so much work on this, and the hammer was so cool! It was 3D printed on her new 3D printer. Please be sure to check out all the rest of her cosplay on her Facebook page.

Next up is Dayle as Chiaki. She did an amazing job on the skirt pleats! I really like her facial expressions too. The patch on her sweater was made by Mamath, who makes the excellent Boxfox.

Megan was the Female Beatnik from the Jar (for sale at Montrosemart in the Montrose Super Pack). It made me so happy to finally see some Beatnik cosplay. I explained how a Beatnik thinks to her, and she totally got it. ^_^

Finally there's Rose Knife, I mean me as Otsana. XD Caillen really wanted me to be part of the group, and I wasn't going to say no! If I kept cosplaying, I'd totally go by the name Rose Knife. (BTW, if you don't know what Rose Knife is, prepare to be blown away.) I'll be putting up a Making Of post of this cosplay. This is my third cosplay ever, and it's probably my best! I certainly learned a lot from Caillen, and I might be using these new skills for SGVY. ;D

Epic fighting!

Friendship? XD

Oh those Beatniks!

The rest of the pics are up at Facebook if you want to check them out! Thank you so much to Caillen, Dayle, Megan, Wade, and Trevor for making this happen! This was one of the best conventions ever. ^_^

So happy!