I found a good background for both of my monitors. Though it's almost Winter here in Australia, it's beach weather on my desktop! And according to my internal computer temperature monitor, it seems to be quite warm in there too. Perfect! XD

This bit of smut is about to hit your face over at Montrosemart. This is the first Quickies! comic that'll be exclusive to Montrosemart. I'm also working on a cover, and that's original too. ;D

Speaking of Quickies!, I found one I was working on a while back. I guess this one will go into the next volume. Already started!

And if you want your own original smut, I hope you'll come by Sketchfiend Live this weekend for streaming fun and sketch commissions. Anything you want within reason and law! I think you can think of some things that fit that criteria. If you want more details, here you go!

See you this weekend on Montrosecast!

Not even her?